Art Consulting

Art affairs provides the right art for the premises of your companies.

Artistic positions respond to global and societal challenges of our time and initiate a
complex and intelligent discourse.

Our specific customer groups are:

Architects and interior designers

We design architecture specific art installations that integrate as part of the complex concept. We coordinate our work with your architectural plans and choose the optimal artworks. Digital visualization of the premises show the effect of the selected art in-situ.

Real estate developers and investors

Art in the context of real estate development and in public spaces convey values and content and create social references. Real estate development including visual arts offers comprehensive communication strategies. We take the local and historical context of a site into account and work according to your specifications on an extensive art concept for your real estate project.


Professionel selected art works in the foyer, the office and public spaces create an inspiring and exclusive atmosphere and optimize the corporate culture. We develop innovative art concepts based to implement and visualize the business ideas of your organization in the field of intern and extern communication. The projects are designed and produced in a constant dialogue between the company and the creative team and result within cost and time limits.