Why Corporate Art?

Corporate art contributes to an innovative and cosmopolitan organizational culture and shapes a modern working environment. Contemporary art emphasizes the objectives of a company.

Art as a medium of corporate culture draws attention to a creative working environment, but also conveys openness, higher risk tolerance and corporate cultural responsibility.

What we do? We merge business and art into a sustainable unit.

Art affairs develops high-quality customised art concepts for economic and financial groups and the tourism industry. Carefully selected art works of national and international artists match aesthetically with the architecture of your company and focus the content of your organization.

Visual Arts in company context support creative work processes and encourages communication and discussion. The effect of contemporary art is an essential factor of external representation and can symbolize cosmopolitanism or regional solidarity.

A team of architects, artists and curators develop well-conceived and aesthetically coordinated art concepts for your business premises.

Our advice ranges from the recommendation of individual works of art to the implementation of extensive art-in-architecture projects.

We are specialists for art consulting.